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The most depressing moment of my adult life (?)

There may not be a more depressing moment in my adult life than right now.  And it's all been caused by Facebook. Today, alone (not to mention the past week or so), my feed was filled with posts that Bashed my local school district, Explained both how the pandemic is worse than ever AND suggested our government has given up on controlling it, and Applauded the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, Admittedly, all of these issues dig into my core, the very essence of who I am. First, I am both an educator and a scientist.  I conduct research on education.  I have experience and expertise, both of which don't matter at all right now.  Our education system has been hijacked by parents (and politicians, but that's a different post), who think they know better than educators.   There is nothing normal about the time in which we live.  Not only are teachers being asked to do something they have not been trained to do (like teach, simultaneously, via laptop and in

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