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Learning How to be an Ally

I'm hurting tonight.  I'm hurting because I believe in a nation that puts the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for all people at the top of its priority list.  I'm hurting because I know we still have not achieved the world that our founders hoped we might become.  I say this purposefully.  As a student of history, I know that our founders knew that we were not a nation that saw everyone as equals.  As an optimist, I believe they hoped it would happen, and they created a structure, a flexible structure, that would allow it to be.  A couple hundred years later, we haven't yet figured it out.  Institutional racism exists.  White privilege exists.  My status in life is literally an example of it.  My grandparents, who didn't earn a high school degree, lived in a mixed-race community.  Due to structural racism that favored white over black homebuyers, they were able to purchase a home in a gentrified neighborhood, where my mother went to the prestigious high sc…

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