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Celebrating 20 Years

I'm writing this as my husband searches on his phone to find a shoe store.  It's our 20th wedding anniversary, the kids are at sleep away camp, and we are hanging out in our basement, where we were unexpectedly relegated for the evening.

It's been the worst July 31 since 1999.

Let me start this story about two months ago, and as I tell it, please know that I am keenly aware that it demonstrates the epitome of first-world problems.  I do not take our privilege for granted.  However, when I'm spending my 20th anniversary night in my basement, eating salad and chips for dinner, it's a story I need to tell.

For quite some time, we have been discussing refinishing the wood floor in our kitchen, which was damaged before we moved in over a decade ago and has since taken a beating from twinlilfe.  As with most decisions involving furniture and house decor, we kept putting it off. 

My husband and I are not good at pulling the trigger on large household purchases.  In fact, …

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