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All Caught Up

And here it is. My last post from the Babysite, a decade ago.

Date: 01/06/2009

Christmas this year was incredibly fun.  Megan and Ryan learned quickly about opening presents, and each round (Santa, Mama/Daddy, Hawley, Turner) became more exciting for them.  Playing with their new toys has been good, as they had begun to outgrow some of their older ones.

Reading is a favorite activity for everyone in the house.  Megan and Ryan love to sit in their chairs and read independently, but they also love to have Mama and Daddy - and anyone else who happens to be around - read to them.  Blocks are now tools for building (rather than for destroying), and they are interacting differently with all of their toys as their skills and understanding develops. It's pretty amazing to watch in action the concepts that I teach to my students about literacy learning and cognitive growth!

My kiddos are becoming little people.  Just yesterday Megan tattled on Ryan. I was washing dishes in the ki…

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