Thursday, September 1, 2011

Digital Twin Mom When Power Goes Out

I am typing this entry on my phone, trying to comprehend how teens today compose essays on their mobile devices. We are well into our fifth day without power, and twin life without electricity has drained my energy. Fortunately, we have amazing neighbors with generators and a community pool with showers - so none of us smell too bad. However, I've come to realize those things I take for granted, ways of life that are completely inconvenient (and therefore exhausting) when the lights go out for an extended period.

Top Five Things I Miss This Week

1. Computer and Internet: I have been able to stay in touch with friends via mobile phone but my work has suffered. The local library has been so packed with community members that the wireless kicks me off, and the folding tables they have set up for workstations in a meeting room are not conducive to quality writing. I also cannot talk on the phone and be looking at shared docs on the Internet at the same time. I've realized that this practice has become habitual in my work life.

2. An outlet to charge my phone - it's my window to the world, and even though the system has been slow, overwhelmed with others whose window out is also a cell, my cell has been my sanity savior. Unfortunately, those Facebook posts and texts eat up battery, so I've needed to consider carefully when and where I can recharge. My friend brought me a battery charger with a DC adapter yesterday, and it has made all the difference.

3. Electric garage doors - opening and closing the doors manually was such a pain that I got in the habit of just leaving then open for the day. Then we found out that thieves were preying on our area. Though I have no jewelry to be stolen, we do love our cars!

4. Refrigerator - I only find this item a major inconvenience because I'm trying to feed my kids healthy food. It has been impossible these last few days to stick to our meal plans. I miss the fridge most, and the microwave second.

5. Shower - I'm fine using a bottle to brush my teeth, and the 5 gallon jug us just fine for drinking. But having to pack a bag every day to go shower adds to the exhaustion. I also really need to shave my legs...

On the plus side, we haven't missed the TV, and we haven't even opened the portable DVD players that we charged fully in preparation for the storm. Not once have my kids asked to watch TV or play on the computer. They have been super kids, and I'm just trying to be a good mom and keep my patience with them, which is the hardest thing for me to do during this adventure. But I am finding a light in the fact that this digital mom has been doing okay so far at keeping her preschoolers from being hooked on the screen.


  1. Please forgive the proofreading errors. Composing on a phone is HARD!

  2. Wow. Considering the circumstances, I think you've all done an amazing job during this powerless week! I don't know what I would do without power for 5 days; Eliza would truly have done my head in by now... xx