Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mommy Guilt and Neuroplasticity

A friend sent me a link to the latest Momastery post at Huffington Post this morning.  As I read it, I couldn't help but make a connection to my neuroplasticity and mom-brain theory.  It takes a while for humans to re-wire our brains.  For moms who are transitioning in life - the birth of a child (or two) and returning to work; leaving the workforce to stay at home; going back to the workforce after working at home - the adaptation period opens the doors to guilt. 

For the record, I believe the debate that Momastery writes about, like many debates where individuals come from different life perspectives, is ridiculous.  Each woman (family) needs to choose what is right for her (their) situation.  No judgment from others needed or tolerated.  What would be nice, instead of the "friendly fire" that Momastery describes, is an understanding that all moms go through transitions and that adapting to those transitions takes time.  Support through the change, rather than judgment about the decisions that sparked the change, would be the appropriate course.

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