Saturday, May 18, 2013

College Search Criteria (or I need a transporter)

I am serving as head faculty marshal for the GSE today at graduation. Given the unknowns in travel in the NYC area and the fact I have responsibilities this morning, I allowed plenty of travel time. Today the trip went smoothly so I find myself sitting on a bench, listening to birds as the sun peeks through the trees, waiting for the line of march to start to form. 

As I walked through the seats of parents on my way to pick up the verge, I admired those who had staked claim to aisle seats nearly 3 hours before the ceremony. I daydreamed and looked two decades into the future, wondering if I would be that parent. After all, college graduation is a big deal, and to see your child in the line of march, up close, would be worth it.

But these thoughts always lead to a bit of sadness because it is likely that I will miss one of my kids' graduations. Many colleges hold graduation the same weekend, and it's entirely possible that one will be on the East coast and one the West coast on the same day.

I'm really hoping my brother figures out transporter physics before then. Or perhaps I'll need to add an additional criteria when my kids start the college search: Must have graduation date so that Mama sees me march!

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