Thursday, July 6, 2017

Looking Longingly at the Sunshine

Today I spent most of the day inside the "castle," in my new office, emptying boxes and digging through my inbox, already more than 100 deep.  At around 2:30, I realized I was hungry, and I decided to take a stroll downtown, where I happened upon a farmer's market.  I found some lunch and basked in the sunshine before returning to my computer.

Ten years ago I yearned for sunshine.

I had been on bedrest for a week, moving only from my bed to the couch each morning and back again each night.  My hubby, who had enjoyed his first weekend of bedrest away at a bachelor party, had been smacked in the face with what it meant to have his wife incapacitated.  I wasn't a good cook, but I had been responsible for most of the household chores - grocery shopping, cooking,  and laundry among the top three.  All of these crashed onto his plate instantaneously.  His frustration coupled with my boredom and frustration were making things pretty un-fun in the house.  

Sometime in the week after I posted this note on Facebook, he told me he wanted to go to Atlantic City with his friends.  "I just need to get out of this house," he said.

I looked at him incredulously.

"I JUST WANT TO GO TO THE MAILBOX!"  I yelled.  I had asked my doctor the day before if that would be ok.  She told me no.

So today I didn't hesitate when I had the chance to walk outside for a bit.  I've spent enough time for a decade of looking longingly at the sunshine outside.

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