Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Building relationships, then and now

I love watching my kids play with their dad.  Weekends are filled with games in the yard, just the three of them or any combination of two.  

I also love my alone time with the kids, which usually happens in the car or running errands.  

It seems some things haven't changed...

One month update
Date: 09/12/2007
Today was the first day that Megan, Ryan, and Mama ventured out together - ALONE! We attended a special "twin mom" meeting of the local La Leche group, and then we went to Old Navy, where I maneuvered the double stroller in and out of the aisles and the dressing room. I'm in between my old wardrobe and my maternity wardrobe, and I'm headed to a wedding for the weekend, so I needed to find a few things to wear. The babies were very good for the entire trip. But Mama is beat...

As noted in Tim's analysis of their weight gain (see previous journal), both babies continue to eat well and gain weight. Both are also developing their eyesight. There is nothing I like better than making eye contact. Ryan has just started wanting to focus on me while we are nursing. It is very sweet. Megan loves to play the "eye game" with her Daddy. He moves his head from left to right, and she follows with her eyes and by turning her head. Both love to play the "faces game", and we just know there are purposeful smiles hiding in their eyes and on their lips. Any day now we hope to be able to report their first real smiles.

Our biggest news is that Ryan had surgery the other day. He is now a circumcized little boy, and I'm happy to report that he has developed a nice, high arc in his peeing - at least he did early this morning when he hit Mama and then the rest of the items on the changing table. We had a good laugh as we cleared the table and cleaned every item individually.

Megan is still fond of looking in the mirror, and Ryan has developed a liking for this game too. The other day during tummy time, I caught them talking to each other and trying to move closer together. They continue to make us smile every day.

Though we have both taken some time away from them (babysitting provided by G&G Turner), we are planning to spend our first night without the twins this weekend. Granna and Grampa (Hawley) will hold down the fort. We are lucky that we have such good babies and such wonderful grandparents who can confidently care for two.

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