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Living Peacefully Together

Last week I made a tongue-in-cheek post that summarized a conversation with my daughter.   I said, "I need a facelift." She responded, "No you don't! There's nothing wrong with aging!" There was so much to unpack in this short conversation that my friend invited me to write a blog post about it.  Indeed, I could dig into why I thought I needed a facelift. I could have joked about how my daughter used the phrasing she did (i.e., she could have said, "you don't look old"). I could have opined on how women live in their skin, always aware of their skin, in ways that men don't. I could have interrogated my friend Gretchen's view that "isn't it interesting how we still feel that we need to tell women what to do with their bodies, what they do and do not need, and how they should feel about how they look." Tonight, I write. But it isn't about my face, women's place in the world, or living in my skin, though in some ways,

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