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Furious, Terrified, and Sad: A Letter to My Daughter

Dear M, Last Thursday I observed as you told your brother, "I'm not going to rely on my family's privilege. I'm going to make it myself." This self-reliance was always in you, but I also saw it blossom during our weekend together with New Roots Nashville.  This organization is all about empowering young women, so it's ironic that we experienced a weekend workshop together just before the Supreme Court took away our rights. Friday, I had to tell your brother, "Your sister just became a second class citizen." He happened to be sitting on the couch when I learned that Roe vs. Wade, a linch-pin Supreme Court decision in the progress of women's rights , had been overturned. I haven't talked about it with you yet. This letter is what I want to say, but it's taken me time (and writing) to process it. I am furious with the political cheating that allowed this to happen and in the short-sightedness of those who are applauding it. This decision was

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