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Let's talk about Sex Ed

 Let me start by saying that I am writing this with two biases: (1) I believe that our society as a whole flourishes if everyone does better because the bottom floor on which all people stand is higher. (And I also believe this is not in direct opposition to capitalism and is not a complete embrace of socialism.) I may have learned this playing Prisoner's Dilemma in school a long time ago, or perhaps it's because I and my immediate family has experience across socio-economic classes. Regardless, this belief has shaped my view of public education.  We need to educate for everyone in order to build a society that flourishes. (2) I believe that adults should talk to children in age-appropriate ways about real things.  I do not think we need to hide things or "dumb it down" for kids.  This belief has shaped my view as both a parent and a teacher. If you have particularly strong feelings against either of these beliefs, you probably don't want to read on.  However, I

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