Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Tough Day

I just created a playlist called "Keep from Crying." I'm trying to keep the tears in as I sit on the train. I'm trying to figure out how I make it through the day, go to meetings, teach, without losing it. I know my colleagues in K-12 are already struggling in front of their students this morning.

What do we say to the children?

I lay awake last night trying to figure out what I would say to my own kids. I knew they would be worried about their friends who had already expressed fears about what a Trump win would mean for their families. This video expresses my angst as a parent more eloquently than I can.

I told my children that there would be many people today who would be scared about the results of this election. I told them that it was our job to let them know we love them, we want them to be part of our lives, and we will stand up for them. It's our job to spread love.

And now every time I think about the fact that I have to coach my children to be advocates for love, I lose it. I wanted them to live in a world where love for all was the norm, not a position of advocacy.

The playlist isn't working very well.

To my Hispanic, Muslim, Black, LGBT, female and otherwise marginalized friends, I'm with you. To Hillary, I'm sorry. Your strength and poise is an inspiration, and you did not deserve to feel the brunt of our ignorance. I will find it within me to live up to your example.

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