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36 weeks and almost cooked

36 weeks and almost cooked
Date: 08/04/2007
Lots of big news to share this week -

I went to my doctor's appointment prepared to beg her to induce me within the next week. I have been painfully uncomfortable as my belly has stretched to beyond its capacity. As the instructor of our childbirth class would say, "This condo is maxed out!" Though I am not usually one to back down from a physical challenge easily, each day has been getting harder and harder - to walk, to sit, to lie down, to sleep. If it had been a matter of discomfort, I would simply "suck it up." But the pain has been less than tolerable. I wanted my doctor to tell me when the "law of diminishing returns" kicked in. In other words, when was the benefit to the babies of staying inside not worth the continued deterioration of my physical state - both now and post partum.

Luckily, I didn't have to say a word to my doctor. As soon as she walked in the door, she said, "Here's the deal...."

Apparently, our son has still not settled into one position. His last few ultrasounds have seen him move from breech to transverse positions, and the doctor is concerned that he will continue to move around. Though our daughter is head down and ready to go, if I tried to deliver her naturally, there is the possibility that the boy could turn breech - and get stuck. This would mean both a natural AND a c-section delivery, a state everyone (me especially) wants to avoid at all costs. So, the doctor has recommended a c-section.


Early next week, we will welcome the twins to the family!

The other big news is that this week's ultrasound estimated them at 6 lb. 4 oz (girl) and 6 lb. 5 oz (boy). Though these estimates can be up to a pound off in either direction, I have a good feeling that I reached my goal of getting both babies to 6 lbs. We'll see what that scale says next week!

My doctor has suggested that Rick and I go out to dinner to enjoy our last night alone together, but until then, I'm still resting. Let's face it - at this point, it's difficult for me to do much else. Walking to the kitchen from the couch is like gearing up for a marathon!

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